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When Am I Eligible For Medicare Part D?

To Qualify you must be entitled to Medicare Part A, and/or enrolled in Medicare Part B and live in an area where the plan is offered

2 Ways to Get Drug Coverage 
       1.  A Stand-Alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

      2.    A Medicare Advantage Plan (or other type of Medicare health plan) that Covers Your Doctor & Hospital care, as well as, prescriptions.

             Contact an Agent who will help you understand the details of each plan, or Call Us Directly1(904) 385-8333

When Can I Enroll?

      ·    Turning 65 Period (Starting 3 months prior to your birth month and 3 months after you turn 65)

      ·    Open Enrollment Period (October 15—December 7, each year)

      ·    Special Enrollment Period (Can include, relocation, loss of coverage, or other special circumstances)

 Be Careful…

If you currently have a Medicare Advantage Plan with Prescription Drug coverage and you enroll in a Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Plan, you will be automatically dis-enrolled from your Medicare Advantage Plan.

At Florida Insurance One, we offer a number of Stand-Alone (PDP’s) Prescription Drug Plans, Contact Us and one of our Agents will help you find the plan that works for you.